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Jordan's Way National Grand Champion

We are the very grateful and appreciative recipients of the prestigious "Jordans Way 50 State Tour" recipient.

To all of our supporters ... GOD BLESS YOU! It’s because of YOU (I remember that night calling and texting and begging so many) we experience this honor! Without you, WE ARE NOTHING! “Thank you” is as always … all we have for you … but I pray each and everyday that when you see the faces of all the dog in beautiful homes up north … you know how heart felt that Thank you is! 

We are so honored and proud to be the recipients of this award! Thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers, everyone involved, all of you made this happen.

Who We Are - What We Do

Dog Rescue R Us (DRRU) is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Corporation established in January 2019. DRRU is an Animal Rescue located in Gardendale and serving the West Texas area. We also rely heavily on foster homes. Fosters and funding is ALWAYS needed and is crucial to saving more lives. Please email us for more information on fostering, adopting or to help with transporting. Upon rescue all dogs receive medical attention. Once the dog is healthy, they are transported to our WONDERFUL rescue partners in the Northern US and Canada!

We rescue dogs that have been abandoned on the streets and released to local shelters. They are being dumped at an unprecedented rate in the oilfields and desolate highways and in neighborhoods, abused and neglected and no longer loved. The shelters are always at max capacity and the only way to make room for new animals is to euthanize the existing ones. The cycle repeats daily.

We transport all these otherwise sure to be dead dogs (either through abandonment or euthanisia at the shelter) to their now forever, beautiful indoor homes where the communities have the resources, space and appreciation for these animals. DRRU currently transports to eight northern states in the United States and to Canada.

Updates are posted regularly on social media. These updates include the wonderful aftermath of the transport: seeing these dogs in loving homes with the happiest of families.

DRRU pays for all vetting and transportation costs. DRRU has three buses and one fully retrofitted trailer that we use to transport the animals in the most comfortable manner we can provide. We drive an average of 12,000 miles a month to relocate these sweet furry angels. This means we must get new buses every 2-3 years to stay safe. We pay for a mechanic to keep us safely on the road between each trip.

The approximate cost is $15,000 each month for transporting. We spend another $7,500 a month for vaccines, preventative care, health certificates and more. Transported dogs must meet every state requirement at the cost of a minimum of $150 for each dog. Then there are the emergencies with which we are inundated with on a daily basis! We know. These break our hearts and our budgets, but we keep on keeping on for these sweet, furry angels.

These break our hearts and our budgets, but we keep on keeping on for these sweet, furry angels.

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Our board and dedicated team of volunteers work tirelessly to save these voiceless animals. We began this ministry in January 2019. AS OF JANUARY 2021, DRRU HAS SAVED OVER 10,000 DOGS. In two years, close to 450+ dogs per month have been saved. READ THAT AGAIN. Approximately 15+ dogs per day have been saved. Each day. Every day. All year long. Even yesterday. And especially tomorrow.


We hope these numbers are a wake-up call to our community. We need to EDUCATE the public not only on the importance of spay/neuter of their pets to help combat the overpopulation epidemic but to also educate the public on how to properly vet and care for a pet. Read the WHEN section again please.


The really good news is that if you are at all interested in helping with a solution and saving a dogs life, YOU CAN HELP! We need foster homes. We need funding to operate on a monthly basis. We need boots on the ground. We need your prayers.

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Transportation Fundraiser

Transportation Bus Purchase

We go through 3 to 4 buses a year, they are very expensive, not only to buy but to retrofit for our needs and the maintenance cost is a huge amount. Each bus has to be gutted and all the kennels needed to be configured to fit and they might need to be removed each trip for cleaning and maintenance. It is a big and time consuming job. If we had 3 buses on hand we could rotate them, this would extend the life of the buses and make things so much easier and cost effective for us. Please help us to raise enough money to make this goal a reality, thank you for all your support ... Each bus costs us between $8000 and $10000 dollars. We have the BESTS supporters!!

This is what it's all about!!

Fundraising for transport to Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Indiana.

Fundraising for a transport to Oregon.

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